Madonna’s Track team had their State Track Meet on June 10th and we had multiple medalists:


Kristina Lesho – 3rd place in 1600m and 6th place  in 800m

Girls 4x800m (Kristina Lesho, Ella Wingett, Juliana Velegol, Sofia-Teresa DiBacco) – 3rd place

Girls 4x400m (Angelina Spickard, Kristina Lesho, Juliana Velegol, Sofia-Teresa DiBacco) – 4th place

Boys 4x800m (Lennon Dietrich, Peyton Moore, Korey Kakascik, Mark Pietranton) – 6th place


We also want to recognize the Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team (Olivia Shafer, Mia Chiodo, Onna Welsh, and Krista Velegol) who placed 7th; Angelina Spickard who placed 8th in the 100m dash; and Sofia-Teresa DiBacco who placed 10th in the 400m dash!