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The 2020-2021 Madonna High School Class Challenge for Tuition Assistance has come to a conclusion! Here is an update on the success of the appeal.

• 114 alumni gave a gift, the class of 1966 donated from their class fund, and we had two local foundations provide funds as well. 21 different classes gave a gift.
• The class of 1966 had the highest number from their class participate with 28 individuals and had the highest class total at $3,745! The class will be added on to the Class Challenge trophy at Madonna.
• The total funds raised is $20,006!

We have many families that have lost jobs or have seen a decrease in their salaries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds will help ease some of the financial worries of these families.

We are humbled by the generosity of our alumni and are extremely grateful for the support and dedication to Madonna High School!

The Madonna High School Hall of Fame exists to recognize outstanding Alumni and school supporters for their significant achievements and contributions to Madonna High School. These individuals and organizations provide a source of pride and distinction to the Madonna High School Family. These role models also present an inspiration and incentive for current and future students.

The Class of 2020 was officially inducted on September 18, 2021 at Williams Golf and Country Club.

Madonna Hall of Fame Class of 2020:

Delegate G. John Avoli ’70 – Public Service

Charles “Chuck” Boniti ’67 – Athletic Excellence

Crispino ’76 and Lisa Enrietti Conti ’75 – Lifetime Achievement

Juliana DeLuca Daugherty ’88 – Athletic Excellence

Ed and Charlie Klee – School Service

Robert “Bob” Kramer – Coaching Excellence

Sarah Setcavage ’02 – Athletic Excellence

Dr. Kristen Finley Sobota ’00 – Academic Excellence

Procedure for Nominations
    • Nominations may be made by alumni, current or former faculty and staff/administrators and friends of Madonna High School.
    • In order for the nomination to be considered, the nominee must meet the criteria for the award and the completed nomination form must be submitted to the Advancement Office before the stated deadline.
Selection of Nominees

The Hall of Fame awardees are selected by a committee. The committee is made up of individual members including parents, alumni, and friends of Madonna High School.


The Madonna High School Hall of Fame is a bi-annual event introducing and honoring the inductees in the Fall.


The Madonna High School Hall of Fame will be displayed on the Madonna High School website and each class will have a plaque displayed in the lobby.

Members of the Madonna Hall of Fame:

2020- Delegate G. John Avoli (not pictured), Charles “Chuck” Boniti (not pictured), Cris and Lisa Conti, Julie DeLuca Daugherty, Ed and Charlie Klee, Bob Kramer, Sarah Setcavage, Dr. Kristen Finley Sobota

2018 – Timothy Castelli, Norman D. Ferrari, Jr. (Posthumously), Norman D. Ferrari, III, Edward Fusiek, John Harcharic, Peter Horoszko (not pictured), Maureen Lafferty (not pictured), Richard Mahoney, Richard Matijevich, Paul Paolisso, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.

2016: Joyce Kaczynski-McCarthy, Harold Miller, Jr., Dr. Edward Neely, Ron Sekersky, George Vargo, Robert Valenti, Bill Zanieski

2014: John Backel, Robert Canei, Melvin Coleman, Donald and Betty Gianni, John Greco, Jayne Andochick Kline, Babe Lesho, and Diocese of Wheeling Charleston.

2012: Bill Barrett, Joanna Bernabei-McNamee, John Capito, Romie Castelli, Don Donell, James White Construction, Joe Krivak, Dan McCune, Msgr. Daniel Patrick Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Starvaggi, Gene Trosch, Walter Wieloh

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