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Service Hours Information

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM AT Madonna…Catholic Christian community service hours are integral to the mission of Madonna High School.

Download the 2021-2022 Service Hours Form

● Parish/Church — You can apply the following to your service requirement: work for parish picnics and festivals, CCD assistant, church office work, Vacation Bible School volunteer, etc…
● Community — Service to the community at large, especially to the poor, sick, elderly and uneducated people will qualify: Soup kitchens, tutoring, Salvation Army, Weirton Christian Center, Community Bread Basket, Sheltered Workshop, nursing homes, hospitals, etc…

● All hours will be performed for a non-profit charitable organization that can include: your parish, Catholic and non-Catholic charitable organizations, and other youth sports organizations or community organizations outside the school. All service should support the mission of the Catholic Church. See your Theology Teacher for clarification.
● Babysitting, altar serving, lawn mowing or performing household tasks for elderly relatives, friends, or neighbors, and pet-sitting are good ways to help your community but these DO NOT count as service hours. You should do these things for your relatives, friends, and neighbors because of your relationship with them.
● Students cannot receive any form of payment or other remuneration for service hours.
● Service hours may not be earned while school is in session (e.g., school service days, art club serving at Wyngate, etc.).
● All Christian community service must be for an organization outside of your home and not for personal relatives. This service should, in some way, make the Gospel message of Jesus Christ visible to you, as the servant, and those whom you are serving.
All community service forms, which fulfill the minimum requirement for a student’s class year, need to be submitted to their Theology Teacher no later than Tuesday, March 8, 2022 (the end of the 3rd marking period).
● If a student completes his/her service during the summer, his/her forms should be turned in to their Theology Teacher by Friday, September 3, 2021.
● In addition, service hour forms must be handed in 2 weeks (14 days) after the completion of the service. If the service is done on multiple days the paper can contain the multiple dates, however, it must still be handed in two weeks after the final date listed on the paper.
● Service hours may be completed for the upcoming academic year after the last day of school. (Due to Covid-19, hours performed from April 2021 to August 2021 will be accepted as summer hours for the 2021-2022 requirements)

Service hours completed during the summer months are applied to the next school year (e.g., Joe volunteered at a Vacation Bible School from June 20-24. Those hours will be applied to the upcoming school year). (Due to Covid-19, hours performed from April 2021 to August 2021 will be accepted as summer hours for the 2021-2022 requirements)

Minimum Number of Community Service Hours:

Freshmen – 10 hours + 1 School Sponsored Retreat

Sophomores – 10 hours + 1 School Sponsored Retreat

Juniors – 15 hours + 1 School Sponsored Retreat

Seniors – 15 hours + 1 School Sponsored Retreat

Community service hours are integral to a student’s time at Madonna High School. Students who neglect to complete their service hours and return the necessary paperwork to their Theology Teacher by the Tuesday, March 8, 2022 deadline will be put on social suspension until the required hours have been submitted. If a student does not complete their hours by the end of the school year they will receive 10 Penance Halls to be served after the end of the academic year. Students who plan to go to the prom will not be permitted to attend unless service hours are completed. In addition,
students may not receive their report card at the end of the year and seniors may not graduate.

All questions pertaining to the acceptability of community service or activity please see Mr. Takats or Mrs. Granato.

If a student completes his/her service hours during the summer, he/she should turn them into their Theology Teacher by Friday, September 3, 2021. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the hours of service and record the hours on the Service Hours form. Upon completing the service form, please submit to your Theology Teacher no later than Tuesday, March 8, 2022. If your service is performed in more than one place, you must have a form for all service hours to be added to your Community Service record. Additional forms are in the Main Office and with the Theology Teachers or can be downloaded here 2021-2022 Service Hours Form. For your hours to be added to your record, please be certain your forms are filled out completely and accurately. The record of student service hours will be maintained on RenWeb.

Any student who transfers to Madonna High School after the first day of school will have a modified expectation for service hours. If a student has completed service hours at their previous school for the current school year those hours can be transferred, a letter of verification must be sent from the previous school to the Office at Madonna (attn: Mrs. Granato). All questions should be directed to Mrs. Granato or Mr. Takats.

I need service hours, where can I get them?

■ Community Bread Basket 748.7595
■ Table of Hope 794.8010
■ St. Joseph the Worker Church Office 304.723.2054
■ St. Joseph the Worker School 304.723.1970
■ Sacred Heart of Mary Church 723.7175
■ St. Paul Church Office 304.748.6710
■ St. Paul School 304.748.5225
■ Weirton Christian Center 748.2353
■ Hancock Co. Sheltered Workshop 748.2370
■ Brooke/Hancock Family Resource Network 748.7850
■ Weirton Senior Center 748.3490
■ Wyngate 723.7004
■ Serra Manor/Weirton Geriatric 723.3160
■ Salvation Army (Weirton) 748.4310

This is just a sample of opportunities for service – read the local paper, pay attention to the news, etc. – there are opportunities throughout our community. Pay attention to emails from Mrs. Granato and to daily announcements at school. From time to time, opportunities for service will be announced.

What happens if I don’t get enough hours?

If a student does not complete their hours by March 8, 2022 they will go to Penance Hall 10 times during the month of March, while still being
responsible for completing the service hours. Students who plan to go to the prom will not be permitted to attend unless their service hours are
completed. In addition, students may not receive their report card at the end of the year and seniors may not walk at graduation.

I completed my service hours, what happens if I do service hours after the third quarter due date?

Hours will be counted for the next school year.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are a major aspect of the Madonna High School environment. It is important, however, that the students realize that it does the school and themselves little good if they spread themselves too thin. It is better to do a few things well than to do many things poorly. Remember that each of us must still allow time in our lives to share with our family and friends, and to reflect alone.

The Art Club at Madonna provides the opportunity for students to share their artistic talent through visual art service projects, at the school and around the community. Students also participate in art related field trips.

The Drama Club is one of the many clubs and activities offered by Madonna High School. It is open to all students grades 9-12 who are interested in musical theater. The students then participate in a play each Spring.

The Geek Club is open to all students at Madonna. These students will meet after school to play games and discuss movies and other things in pop culture

The Interact Club is open to all students at Madonna and is a is a group of students working to get involved with the community. The students involved work closely with the local Rotary club.

The Pep Club is open to all students at Madonna. The members of this club help increase school spirit and pride in our athletic teams. Help promote our school in a positive, fun way.

The Prayer Club promotes prayer at Madonna through sponsoring and/or participating in such activities as the rosary rally, May crowning, saint feast day celebrations, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, and the Festival of Praise (F.O.P.)etc. Students also do service work in this club by visiting the Geriatric Center to pray the rosary, stations of the cross and the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the residents during the Lenten season. A field trip to visit local shrines is a much anticipated annual event.

The Pro-Life Club promotes the sanctity of life, from conception until natural death, by participating in the annual life chain, the city of Weirton Christmas and 4th of July parades and by sponsoring pro-life speakers, theatrical productions dealing with life issues, the annual “Dance for Life”, the Spiritual Adoption program, etc. The annual field trip finishes out the year.

The S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club is a organization designed to help our students make the best possible decisions. The S.A.D.D. club has guest speakers and law enforcement speakers come into the school and further educate our students on topics such as; drunk driving, alcohol and tobacco use, illegal narcotics, critical thinking and decision making skills.

Speech and Debate: Join National Speech & Debate Association
Student can letter in Speech and Debate
Lettering Guidelines – Students may earn a letter by accumulating 12 Letter points in a single school year.
One (1) Letter point is earned for each tournament in which you compete.
Students must compete five times in order to receive a letter.
One (1) Letter point is earned for each service you perform for the team.
One (1) Letter point is earned for each NFL degree achieved.
One (1) Letter point is earned for each time you break finals at a varsity tournament.
One (1) Letter point is earned for serving as a Presiding Officer at a varsity congress.
One (1) Letter point is earned for being elected Most Outstanding Speaker or Superior Speaker at a varsity congress, or for being nominated at the NFL Congress.

Student government is a student elected body which helps create, organize and enhance student life here at Madonna. Student council meets regularly and all are welcome to attend. This is a great way to become involved and help make student life a more positive experience.


  • Youth Leadership in conjunction with the Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Weirton Rotary Club (Interact Club)
  • West Virginia Rhododendron Girls State
  • West Virginia Mountaineer Boys State
  • Judicial Scholars Program

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