Athletic Director

Mr. Mike Arlia
Athletic Director

To be eligible for interscholastic competition in any of the sports listed in the following paragraphs, a participant must meet the requirements contained in the West Virginia Secondary School Athletic commission (WVSSAC) Bylaws.

Madonna has adopted the state standards for athletic eligibility. Any student who does not maintain a 2.0 GPA as a semester average, cannot participate in any extra-curricular activities for the following semester. Religion grades are included in the grade point average.

A student who has not achieved a 2.0 GPA the previous semester may have his or her eligibility reinstated at mid-semester if the student has attained at least a 2.0 GPA for the most recent grading period.

A student who is not present in school on the day of an athletic event, or is tardy, cannot participate in that event unless given permission by the administration. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of special schedules. In addition, students will not be granted early dismissals on the day of an athletic event unless permission is given by the administration.

Detailed interpretation of these and other rules pertaining to athletics are found in the latest Constitution and Rules Handbook of the WVSSAC, of which Madonna is a member.

Each year a scholar-athlete award is presented to a senior student at graduation:

Male Award: to be named the Joseph Krivak Scholar/Athlete.
Female Award: to be named the James F. Klash Memorial Scholar/Athlete.

The following criteria is used to determine scholar-athlete award winner:

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • GPA will be multiplied by 4
  • Two points awarded for each athletic letter received during a high school career
  • The principal, guidance counselor, athletic director, and a coach will vote for the scholar-athlete (2 points per vote)
  • Person with the highest total points will receive the scholar-athletic award.

Home games for Volleyball, Girls Basketball, and Wrestling are in Madonna’s Bill Barrett Gymnasium.

Boys basketball is played at  St. Joseph the Worker School’s Dube Dome located directly across the street from Madonna High School.

Sports Facilities Off-Campus

Baseball – Google Map

Football – Google Map

Soccer – Google Map

Softball and Tennis – Google Map

Sports at MHS

State Champion: 1971 (Catholic State Champ), 2010, 2012

OVAC Champion: 1992, 2004, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021

Head Coach: Jeff Baire

Assistant Coach: Luke Myers

State Champion: 1965 (Catholic State Champ), 2011

OVAC Champion: 1977, 1984, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2011, 2012, 2017

Varsity Boys Basketball

Head Coach: George Vargo

Assistant Coaches: Phil Rujak, Mike Battista, Nick Higgins, Nate Mazur

2021 Boys Basketball Schedule

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Radio (Varsity Only)

Tue.    Feb. 23, 2021                       Away              John Marshall – Scrimmage                6:00 pm Varsity

Sat.     Feb. 27, 2021                       Away              Wirt County – Scrimmage                   12:00 pm Varsity

Fri.      Mar. 5, 2021                        Home             Trinity Christian                                     7:00 pm Varsity                       Listen on 94.9FM

Tue.    Mar. 9, 2021                        Away              Oak Glen                                                    7:00 pm Varsity

Fri.      Mar. 12, 2021                      Away              Cameron                                                    7:00 pm Varsity

Sat.     Mar. 13, 2021                      Home              Weir                                                           7:00 pm Varsity                       Listen on 106.3FM

Tue.    Mar. 16, 2021                      Home              Valley                                                         7:00 pm Varsity

Wed.   Mar. 17, 2021                      Home              Brooke                                                      7:00 pm Varsity                        Listen on 94.9FM

Fri.      Mar. 19, 2021                      Home              Oak Glen                                                 7:00 pm  Varsity

Tue.    Mar. 23, 2021                      Home              Clay-Battelle                                          7:00 pm  Varsity                         Listen on 94.9FM

Thu.    Mar. 25, 2021                     Home              Linsly                                                       7:00 pm  Varsity                         Listen on 106.3FM

Sat.     Mar. 27, 2021                     Home              Cameron                                                  7:00 pm Varsity                          Listen on 94.9FM

Tue.    Mar. 30, 2021                     Home             Paden City (DH with Girls)                  7:00 pm Varsity

Thu.    Apr. 1, 2021                        Away              Magnolia                                                   7:00 pm Varsity                           Listen on 106.3

Sat.     Apr. 3, 2021                        Away             Tyler Consolidated                                  12:00 pm Varsity

Tue.    Apr. 6, 2021                        Away             Valley                                                          7:00 pm Varsity

Wed.   Apr. 7, 2021                       Away              Paden City (DH with Girls)                     7:00 pm Varsity                          Listen on 94.9FM

Tue.    Apr. 13, 2021                     Away              St. Marys                                                     7:00 pm Varsity                          Listen on 106.3FM

Fri.   Apr. 16, 2021                       Away              Weir – City Championship                      7:00 pm Varsity                          Listen on 106.3FM

S-S   Apr. 17-24, 2021      at Higher Seed          Sectional Tournament Begins               7:00 pm Varsity

Sectional Tournament Schedule:    Play-In Game        Saturday, April 17                    7:00 pm (at Home of Higher Seed)

                                                                Semi-Finals           Tuesday, April 25                       7:00 pm (at Home of Higher Seed)

                                                                Final                       Friday, April 28                          7:00 pm (at Home of Higher Seed)

Wed.   Apr. 28, 2021           at Higher Seed                    Regional Tournament                 7:00 pm Varsity Only

T-S      May 4-8, 2021           Away              State Tournament – (Charleston CCC)          TBD Varsity Only

Class A State Tournament Schedule: Quarterfinals   Tuesday, May 4                9:30 am, 1:00 pm, 5:30 pm, 9:00 pm (based on seeding)

                                                                    Semi-Finals           Thursday, May 6              11:15 am, 7:15 am

                                                                    Finals                     Saturday, May 8               10:00 am

State Champion: 2019

OVAC Champion: 1994, 1995, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2018, 2019, 2020

2020 Madonna Cheer Squad

Head Coach: Maria Canella

The Madonna Cheerleaders won their third straight OVAC 1A Championship in 2020!

2020 Madonna Cross Country

Head Coach: Tom Kakascik

Assistant Coach: Jeremy Eloi

State Champion: 1968, 1971, 1972, 1975 (Catholic State Champs), 1987, 2009, 2013

OVAC Champion: 1962, 1967, 1969, 1975, 1987, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2020

Head Coach: Dan Rovira

Assistant Coaches: Joe Petrovich, Doug Taylor,  Eric Hayden, Connor Arlia, Justin Horstman, John Barnhart

2020 Madonna Football Schedule

8/28/20                        Hundred (Scrimmage)                   Home         Friday (6:00)

9/4/20                              Wahama   (Fairmont, WV)                  Away             Friday

9/12/20                           Scott (4:00 PM)                                       Away             Saturday                                       

9/18/20                           Conotton Valley                                       Away              Friday 

9/26/20                           Steubenville Central                              Away              Saturday

10/3/20                        Morgantown Trinity                       Home           Saturday 

10/10/20                      Hundred                                              Home           Saturday  (Homecoming)

10/17/20                      Beallsville                                            Home           Saturday

10/24/20                      Wheeling Central                             Home           Saturday                                   

10/30/20                         Mathews Vienna, OH                           Away              Friday 

11/5/20                            Cameron                                                  Away               Friday

***   All Games start at 7:00 PM, unless noted.   ***

State Champion: 1978, 1992

OVAC Champion: 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992, 2011

Head Coach: Cory Wingett

Assistant Coaches: Rocky Bragg, Jason Heckathorn

2021 Girls Basketball Schedule

Thu.    Feb. 25, 2021           Away                             Scrimmage – Wheeling Central     6:00 pm Varsity & JV

Thu.    Mar. 4, 2021             Home                           Weir                                                     6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Fri.      Mar. 5, 2021             Home                           Trinity Christian                               6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Mon.   Mar. 8, 2021             Home                           Valley                                                  6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Thu.    Mar. 11, 2021           Home                            Cameron                                            6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Sat.     Mar. 13, 2021           Home                            Oak Glen                                           12:00 JV/1:30 Varsity

Mon.   Mar. 15, 2021           Home                           Wheeling Central                             6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Thu.    Mar. 18, 2021           Away                            Valley                                                  6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Fri.      Mar. 19, 2021           Away                            Trinity Christian                               7:00 pm Varsity Only

Mon.   Mar. 22, 2021           Away                           Oak Glen                                            6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Thu.    Mar. 25, 2021           Away                           Clay-Battelle                                      6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Fri.      Mar. 26, 2021           Away                           Weir – City Championship            6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Mon.   Mar. 29, 2021           Away                           Magnolia                                            6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Tue.    Mar. 30, 2021           Home                         Paden City                                          6:00 Varsity Only

(DH with Boys @Dube Dome)

Thu.    Apr. 1, 2021              Away                           Cameron                                             6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Mon.   Apr. 5, 2021              Home                         Tyler Consolidated                          6:00 JV/7:30 Varsity

Wed.   Apr. 7, 2021              Away                           Paden City (DH with Boys)          6:00 Varsity Only

Thu.    Apr. 8, 2021              Away                           Brooke                                              5:45 JV/7:15 Varsity

S-S      Apr. 10-17, 2021      at Higher Seed          Sectional Tournament Begins     7:00 pm Varsity Only

Sectional Tournament Schedule:    Play-In Game        Saturday, April 10           7:00 pm (at Home of Higher Seed) Tentative

                                                                Semi-Finals           Tuesday, April 13            7:00 pm (at Home of Higher Seed) Tentative

                                                                Final                       Friday, April 16                7:00 pm (at Home of Higher Seed) Tentative

Wed.   Apr. 21, 2021           at Higher Seed        Regional Tournament (Tentative)      7:00 pm Varsity Only

T-S      Apr. 27-May 1, 2021         Away               State Tournament – (Charleston CCC)   TBD Varsity Only

Class A State Tournament Schedule: Quarterfinals   Tuesday, April 27            9:30 am, 1:00 pm, 5:30 pm, 9:00 pm (based on seeding)

                                                                Semi-Finals           Thursday, April 129        11:15 am, 7:15 am

                                                                Finals                     Saturday, May 1               10:00 am


OVAC Champion: 2003, 2016, 2020

2020 Madonna Soccer Team

Head Coach: Bob Kolanko

Assistant Coach: Christine Holmes

Madonna Girls Soccer 2020 Schedule
August 27th Thursday 7:00 PM @ Brooke High
September 3rd Thursday 6:00 PM vs The Linsly School
September 8th Tuesday 6:00 PM vs Tyler Consolidated
September 10th Thursday 6:00 PM vs. East Liverpool
September 12th Saturday 11:00 AM vs Wheeling Central Catholic
September 16th Wednesday 5:30 PM vs Harrison Central
September 17th Thursday 5:30 PM @ Steubenville Catholic Central
September 19th Saturday 12:00 PM @ Weir
September 22nd Tuesday 5:30 PM OVAC 1 v 4
September 24th Thursday 5:30 PM OVAC 2 v 3
September 26th Saturday 10:00 AM OVAC Finals @ St. Clairsville
September 29th Tuesday 5:30 PM vs Oak Glen
October 1st Thursday 5:30 PM @ Edison
October 3rd Saturday 1:00 PM vs Ravenswood
October 5th Monday 6:00 PM @ Brooke
October 10th Saturday 10:00 AM vs East Fairmont
October 12th Monday 5:00 PM vs Steubenville
October 14th Wednesday 7:00 PM @ Indian Creek
October 15th Thursday 6:00 PM @ John Marshall
October 17th Saturday 10:00 AM @ North Marion

State Champion: 2010

OVAC Champion: 1983, 2000, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Head Coach: Ryan Rokiski

OVAC Champion: 2008, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Head Coach: Cris Conti

Assistant Coaches: Michael Battista, Juliana Daugherty

All information about the Madonna Blue Don’s Softball team is compiled at our League Line-up site, available HERE

State Champion: 1977 (Catholic State Champ)

Head Coach: Brenda Chartier

OVAC Champion: 1965 (Boys), 1990 (Girls)

Head Coaches: Tom Kakasick and Bob Kolanko

OVAC Champion: 2001, 2012, 2015

2020 Madonna JV Volleyball Team

2020 Madonna Varsity Volleyball Team

Head Coach: Theresa Moore

Assistant Coaches: Mike Battista and Mike Orecchio

Volleyball 2020             

Sept. 2, 2020          Home            WCC                                                               5:30 PM

Sept. 3, 2020          Away             Steubenville Central                                5:30 PM

Sept. 10, 2020        Away             Valley Wetzel                                             5:30 PM

Sept. 15, 2020        Home             WEIR                                                            5:30 PM

Sept. 16, 2020        Home            Clay Battelle                                               5:30 PM

Sept. 17, 2020        Away             Beallsville                                                    6:00 PM

Sept. 19, 2020        Away             Catholic Tournament (Clarksburg)  TBD

Sept. 22, 2020        Home            Magnolia/Hundred                                 5:30 PM

Sept. 23, 2020        Away             Toronto                                                        5:30 PM

Sept. 29, 2020        Home            Oak Glen                                                      5:30 PM

Oct. 1, 2020             Away             Cameron                                                      5:30 PM

Oct. 5, 2020            Home            Beallsville                                                    6:00 PM

Oct. 7, 2020            Away             Wheeling Central Catholic                     5:30 PM

Oct. 8, 2020            Home            Steubenville Central                                5:30 PM

Oct. 13, 2020          TBD                OVAC                                                             TBD

Oct. 15, 2020          Home            Toronto                                                         5:30 PM

Oct. 20, 2020          Away             WEIR (City Championship)                 5:30 PM

Oct. 22, 2020          Away             Clay Battelle                                               5:30 PM

Oct. 28, 2020          Away             Trinity/Paden City                                   5:30 PM

Nov. 1-6, 2020       TBD                Sectionals                                                    TBD

State Champion: 2018

OVAC Champion: 1977, 1986, 2010

Head Coach: Jamie Lesho

Assistant Coach: Denny Cook

Madonna Wrestling


Saturday, March 6 @Weir High, Linsly
Wednesday, March 10 @Magnolia, Tyler, Cameron
Saturday, March 20 @Wirt, Calhoun
Wednesday, March 24 @Cameron, Weir, North Marion, Berkeley Springs
Saturday, March 27 @Magnola, Brooke, University
Wednesday, March 31 @Madonna, Weir, Linsly
Saturday, April 3 @Oak Glen, John Marshall, Brooke
Saturday, April 10 Regionals
April 21-22 State Tournament

This project started around four years ago when a group led by Luke Myers (Class of ‘O3) started exploring the idea of turning a dormant warehouse, on land owned by Starvaggi Industries Inc., into an indoor practice facility for Madonna High School. A small group of volunteers began clearing out trees that had overgrown the building. During that same time, the group reached out to past alumni and friends of Madonna High School about the idea. This led to both financial and in-kind volunteer support from numerous sources. The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and an anonymous donor were the two biggest contributors to the fundraising effort.

After several years of working diligently and dealing with road bumps along the way, there is now a first-class facility to offer to the students at Madonna High School. Outfitted with new LED lighting, baseball-themed walls, a batting cage, and turf, the 8000 square feet building will serve as the primary indoor practice facility for the Madonna Baseball and Softball teams. It will also provide for additional practice space to the other Madonna High School and Catholic grade school teams when needed. Individualized hitting, catching, fielding, and pitching lessons plan to be offered for a fee to those looking to improve their skills. There will also be the opportunity to rent out the facility for team practices. There are talks to have advertising space located inside the facility to help off-set operating and maintenance costs.

In order to thank those that had a hand in making this happen, we plan on honoring them with their names on the wall inside the facility. To those people that believed in and helped with this long-shot idea, we are eternally grateful!

This facility fills a void that was lacking at Madonna High School as well as in the Weirton area in general, causing parents to travel outside of the area for their kids to practice in the winter months. We are proud to have this in Weirton and to be able to offer this to our current and future students.

Phase II planning of the project is already underway and will involve a buildout of the current structure. The buildout will consist of restrooms, a welcoming area, as well additional batting cages and workout area. For anyone looking to donate time or financials towards this phase of the project, please contact either the school directly or Luke Myers at 304-797-5245 or

Thank you to those who support our athletic teams!

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