Attending Weirton Madonna was great because of the small classes, more time to work with teachers on academics, and the extra-curricular activities. I spent all four years of high school at Madonna and I would not trade those years for anything. Madonna is continuing to grow in academics as well as sports. Being a part of a team at this school makes you feel like you belonged to a family.  Attending this school made me into the person I am today and has helped me grow in my faith. Graduating from Madonna High School has given me the tools to be independent and succeed in college.

Maria Notni, Class of 2016

“I feel that the right choice is Madonna High School because of the small classes, how we relate to our faith, and the feeling of being around family. The advantage of having small classes is that the teacher can work with everyone during class time. This helps all the students to excel in their classes. We relate to our faith in various activities such as mass every Wednesday, religion class, and many prayer services during school. Also, when you are at Madonna there is a sense of family. Everyone knows everyone and the school acts as a big family.”

Louis Comis, Class of 2010

“Madonna High School has been a home to many students for over fifty years, and as seniors of the 50th graduating class, we have grown to understand the sense of family unity that comes from attending a small school. Close friends and teachers prepare us to become the best we can be. Coaches and teammates give our athletes the drive and determination to excel on and off the field. Now in just four short years we become individuals that grow as a family that may be small but are joined together forever.”

Emily Velto, Class of 2009

“Weirton Madonna is a great school with small classes, a great environment, and a family oriented atmosphere.  Madonna has many different classes which are all unique in different ways.  We also have a great number of clubs that are very active.  Our athletic teams are getting better and better each year.  We are growing every year with each new class bigger than the next.  Madonna is changing for the good and it will get better with the new school renovations and our new updates in technology.”

Dante’ Greco, Class of 2009

“Madonna is so much more than a school for me; it’s like my second family. Everyone here knows everyone, which creates a really nice atmosphere to have when going through things during your high school years, no matter what they may be. Even when something really wonderful happens I think people here just make it better because the way they are. The teachers and other students want to help and make a good impact on others’ lives, and that is such an incredible thing to find at any school.I truly believe that this school is the best possible choice, at least for me. Being at Madonna for the past three years has been quite an experience for me. I will always cherish the years I’ve been here and all the many memories I have. The friends I have made will definitely be friends for life; I really think that I will keep the strong bonds I’ve made with everyone.”

Bianca Biondillo, Class of 2009