Guidelines for Formal Dresses Announced

Madonna High School has announced the following guidelines for formal dresses. These guidelines will be used for homecoming, prom, and any other formal dances sponsored by Madonna High School.


  1. No cleavage…must be covered with heavy nude fabric. (No mesh)
  2. No 2 piece dresses or dresses with sides cut out. Must be covered with heavy nude fabric. (No mesh)
  3. Slit up the side must be no more than mid-thigh.
  4. If there is a bare back it must end at the waist.
  5. A complete picture of the student (with face) in the dress (front and back view) must be e-mailed to–   for approval by the committee before any tickets are purchased.
  6. Upon arrival at the dance, if the dress does not match the e-mail print out or has been altered you will be asked to leave.
  7. There is a sample piece of the acceptable fabric in the office.