Tuition & Financial Aid

The tuition rate and fees for the 2020-2021 School Year will be as follows:

Catholic Rate:

Tuition:                         $5,900.00

Activities Fee:              $50.00

Supplies Fee:               $25.00

Technology Fee:         $25.00

Total:                               $6,000.00

**Each Additional Child – $3,800.00 (plus $100 for fees)

Non-Catholic Rate:

Tuition:                        $6,300.00

Activities Fee:             $50.00

Supplies Fee:              $25.00

Technology Fee:       $25.00

Total:                           $6,400.00


**Each Additional Child – $3,800.00 (plus $100 for fees)

Financial Assistance Rates

Financial assistance is available to all eligible students attending Madonna High School. All students, Catholic or non-Catholic, must apply for aid from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston before they will be considered for financial aid through funds available at Madonna.

Students are expected to maintain certain academic and conduct standards in order to remain eligible for assistance.  Any failure to comply with these standards can result in a loss of financial assistance.

Parents may apply for Financial Assistance through the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston online at: .