The guidance program provides various services to enhance and support the philosophy of the Christian community of Madonna High School. Information and skills-training are made available to assist students, as well as their parents, the faculty and staff, in developing self-understanding for religious, academic, emotional, and social growth. This establishes a foundation for the student to make realistic educational, career, and personal decisions.

This is accomplished through:

  1. Educational and career planning
  2. Brief individual and group sessions with students, their families and/or faculty
  3. Prevention and intervention strategies and referrals
  4. Conferences with administrators, teachers, parents, community resource personnel, and college personnel
  5. Planned assessments and result interpretation to aid in determining academic strengths and weaknesses along with student interests and needs

Students, in addition to parents, faculty, and staff, are encouraged to utilize the guidance department. Student visits should be scheduled during but are not limited to study hall, or before or after school. If a student wishes to visit the college guidance office, he/she must obtain written permission from his/her teacher during that time. Parents are asked to call and schedule an appointment.


  • Youth Leadership in conjunction with the Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Mayor’s Council
  • Weirton Rotary Club (Interact Club)
  • West Virginia Rhododendron Girls State
  • West Virginia Mountaineer Boys State
  • International Travel Program for Juniors and Seniors
  • Judicial Scholars Program