School Wish List

Madonna High School is appreciative of in-kind donations that help improve our academic and athletic programs. If you would like to purchase items or have previously used items that you believe will be of use to our school, please contact us at 304-723-0545. Below are some general examples:

  • General school supplies (office supplies, computers )
  • Individual Classroom needs (microscopes, calculators, markers, etc…)
  • Athletic equipment and supplies


Here are requests for specific items:

  • Color air printer
  • TVs to replace aging SmartBoards in classrooms
  • West Virginia State flag for the flagpole outside the school
  • Holy water font for the school chapel
  • Statues of Mary for classrooms (8)
  • Commercial microwaves (2), commercial refrigerator, and commercial stove/oven for the kitchen
  • New Spanish textbooks
  • Dry erase world and U.S. maps