Schedule Change Announced For Making Up Snow Days

We have been considering ways to deal with the large number of missed school days as a result of the many snow days this year.  The overwhelming feedback from everyone we have consulted is that we should put strategies in place to enable students & staff to get out of school closer to the original date of June 4th instead of June 11th.

Therefore, beginning on Monday, March 31 we will do this by:

1.  Reducing the changing time between classes from 4 minutes to 3 minutes.

2.  Having cyber school on April 24 & 25.

(Details regarding the cyber school days will be announced in the near future.)

3.  Lengthening the day by 18 minutes.  School will now end at 2:46.

(Teachers will be available until 3:17.)

These strategies will allow us to end the school year no later than June 5 while maintaining adequate instructional time.