National Honor Society

The Monsignor Murphy Chapter of the National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement and strives to develop the characteristics of scholarship, character, service and leadership. Through chapter activities, members maintain and extend the qualities that won them selection. Thus, membership is an honor and commitment.

Membership in the National Honor Society is reserved for juniors and seniors with a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher who have demonstrated exemplary character, service, and leadership. Membership is determined by faculty survey and faculty selection committee majority vote. Specific selection procedures are outlined in the chapter by-laws. Students who hope to eventually be selected for membership should not only focus on maintaining the required GPA but should also maintain a record of their various service and leadership activities, both in the school and in the community.

The newly inducted members of NHS for 2020.


Current Members of the National Honor Society are:

Seniors:   Eliza Aquirre, Adelena Backel, Evan Boniti, Vincenzo Conforti, Madison Costello, Kelsey Crawford, Carly Dowiak, Dylan Kolb, Kali Krynicki, Ava Loch, Isabel Loch, Kennedy Martin, Megan Maus, Gabrielle Mazzone, Jakob McCombs, Lexus Melnyk, Rachel Miller, Sabrina Sauer

Juniors: Michaela Battista, Madison Bine, Jacob Bonner, Domenic Brncic, Elyse Chartier, Sydney Crawford, Evan Daniels, Madalena Daugherty, Alexis DeMarco, Carter Hosler, Adriana Lenhart, Jazzlyn Melnyk, Christoper Noble, Mallorie O’Brien, Miranda Sole, Ryan Taylor and Krista Velegol.