Mid-term Exam Schedule Announced

Mid-term exams will be Thursday, Friday, & Monday, January 8, 9, & 12.  Each exam period will be 70 minutes in duration.  Optional Review time is available for students who wish to consult with teachers.  Students are not required to attend Review Time.  Attendance will not be taken.  Except for teachers working with students, all classrooms will be quiet study locations during Review Time.  We will designate locations for quiet group study if requested.

Thursday, January 8
Review Time      9:15  – 9:55
Period 1              10:00 -11:10
Period 2              11:20 -12:30
Period 3              12:40  – 1:50

Friday, January 9
Review Time      9:15  – 9:55
Period 4              10:00 -11:10
Period 5/6          11:20 -12:30
Period 7              12:40  – 1:50

Monday, January 12
Review Time      9:15  – 9:55
Period 8              10:00 -11:10
Period 9              11:20 -12:30
Make-ups           12:40  – 1:50

Exams can have a significant effect on semester grades.  Please take exams seriously and allow enough time to properly study for them.  In addition to review time that is a part of classes, you should begin studying for exams about one week before each exam.  Your exam review should include teacher supplied review guides/study guides, old assignments and tests, you textbooks, and your notes.  Rewriting or reorganizing notes or key parts of notes will be helpful for most students, particularly in the most challenging subjects.  Consider working with someone who will truly assist you and perhaps even challenge and quiz you.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in wisdom and knowledge during exams!