Junior and Freshmen Participate in N.E.T.

Madonna’s Classes of 2019 & 2021 were blessed to participate in a N.E.T. (National Evangelization Team) Retreat on November 9 (Jrs) and November 14 (Fr).  N.E.T. is made up of young men and women from all over who travel all over to provide retreats for junior high and high schoolers.
The retreats were held at Sacred Heart of Mary cafeteria, capping off with mass at SHM Church each day.  A big thank you goes out to Fr. Dennis, Fr. Tony, and Mrs. Kerr for hosting the retreatsl at Sacred Heart of Mary.  Also thanks to Fr. Cody Ford and Fr. Dennis for celebrating mass at each of the retreats.
The theme for the Junior Retreat was “True Friendship”, challenging the Juniors to consider what qualities to look for in authentic friends and also to accept Jesus as their best friend.
The Freshmen theme was “True Happiness”, where Freshmen were encouraged to think about the promise of salvation in heaven with God being the source of true happiness that lasts, rather than money, prestige, power, and worldly accomplishments that the world offers.  The things of this world leave a God-sized hole in our hearts that only God can fill!
Prayer, Fellowship, Sacraments, and Service: these were suggested by the N.E.T. Team as good habits to practice in order to make good choices, attract others who also share these good habits, and to find peace & happiness.
The N.E.T. Team stayed at the rectory at St. Paul’s Church, so many thanks to the St. Paul’s Parish Family, especially Fr. Larry and Mrs. Greer for their hospitality.
Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Sessi for opening their hearts and home to the N.E.T. Team by having all 12 of them for dinner at their house, and Mrs. Higgins preparing an awesome ham dinner for the team in the Madonna cafeteria.
Finally, thanks to Mr. Lesho for all the guidance and support in making it possible to bring N.E.T. to Madonna.
Please continue to pray for the N.E.T. Team AND for the MHS students who participated in the retreats, that they may bring all that they learned and experienced back to Madonna and their homes and make them better places filled with the light and the love of our Lord.
For more information about N.E.T., please go to www.netusa.org.