Class of 2014 Gives Back to Madonna

MicroscopesPrior to their graduation in the spring, members of the Weirton Madonna High School Class of 2014 decided to give back to the school.  Under the direction of Francesca Basil, who served three years as class president, the class worked to raise enough money to purchase eleven new microscopes for the school’s science department.

The class had used outdated microscopes throughout their time at Madonna, and decided to set aside funds for the purchase, with assistance from class moderator,  Ms. Jean Shotting.  Mr. John Colabrese, a science teacher at Madonna, also purchased additional new microscopes to add to the collection with funds from the science department.

Gold-plated labels stating “Donated by the Class of 2014” were placed on the microscopes; therefore, the Class of 2014’s legacy will be remembered by all the present and incoming students, reminding them of all the hard work and fundraising their class performed.  The new microscopes are available for the new school year at Madonna High School.