Catholic School Week Activities Announced

Catholic School’s week begins on Sunday, January 28.  Madonna High School has announced the following activities for the week:

Monday – Mass with Most Rev. Michael J. Bransfield at 10AM   (Uniforms are to be worn.)

TuesdayStudent Appreciation Day – Dress for Success

All students will receive an extra treat at lunchtime.  Students and teachers will trade places in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion.

Students will dress up as the career person of their choice.  (For example, Doctor = Scrubs, Lawyer = Suit/Tie, etc.)

End of Day Activity – Salute to the Olympics –  Olympic Games Round 1

Wednesday – Red/White/Blue Day – Students will dress in red/white/blue to honor our troops.  We will collect items to send to our deployed troops.  (Beef Jerky, Gum, Hard Candy, Cookies, Baby Wipes, Foot Powder, Playing Cards) Please drop off items in the school office. Thanks for your cooperation.

End of  Day Activity – Salute to the Olympics – Olympic Games Round 2

 Thursday – Celebrating Madonna – Students will dress in All Out Madonna Blue & White – Love Our Blue Dons!

End of Day Activity – Salute to the Olympics –  Olympic Games Round 3 (Gold/Silver/Bronze will be awarded)

Friday – School Wide Day of Service – Jeans & Madonna Shirts

Madonna students/faculty/staff will be divided in groups and perform community service throughout the Weirton area. Students are reminded to return permission slips.

  • Students that choose not to participate in dress up days must dress in uniform. Please remember the school handbook dress code applies.