Athletic Programs

Madonna has been the OVAC Class A Champion since 2009.



To be eligible for interscholastic competition in any of the sports listed in the following paragraphs, a participant must meet the requirements contained in the West Virginia Secondary School Athletic commission (WVSSAC) Bylaws.

Madonna has adopted the state standards for athletic eligibility. Any student who does not maintain a 2.0 GPA as a semester average, cannot participate in any extra-curricular activities for the following semester. Religion grades are included in the grade point average.

A student who has not achieved a 2.0 GPA the previous semester may have his or her eligibility reinstated at mid-semester if the student has attained at least a 2.0 GPA for the most recent grading period.

A student who is not present in school on the day of an athletic event, or is tardy, cannot participate in that event unless given permission by the administration. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of special schedules. In addition, students will not be granted early dismissals on the day of an athletic event unless permission is given by the administration.

Detailed interpretation of these and other rules pertaining to athletics are found in the latest Constitution and Rules Handbook of the WVSSAC, of which Madonna is a member.

Mr. Mike Arlia, Athletic Director

  • Football:
    • Dan Rovira (HC)
    • Tom Kakascik
    • Pete Melnyk
    • Jordan Allen
    • John Lesho
    • Connor Arlia
  • Golf:
  • Volleyball:
    • Patrick Kush (HC)
    • Mike Battista
  • Soccer:
    • Bob Kolanko (HC)
    • Christine Holmes
  • Cross Country
    • Jeremy Eloi
  • Boys Basketball:
    • George Vargo (HC)
    • Phil Rujak
    • Mike Battista
    • Nate Mazur
  • Girls Basketball:
    • Rodney Boniti (HC)
    • David Lammers
    • Cory Wingett
  • Wrestling:
    •  Jamie Lesho (HC)
    • Denny Cook
  • Track:
    • Tom Kakasick
    • Bob Kolanko
  • Baseball:
    • Jeff Baire (HC)
    • Eric Sperlazza
    • Luke Myers
    • Chad Simpson
  • Tennis:
    • Jeremy Eloi (HC)
  • Softball: 
    • Cris Conti (HC)
    • MaryBeth Arlia
  • Cheering: 
    • Maria Canella (HC)

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Each year a scholar-athlete award is presented to a senior student at graduation:

Male Award: to be named the Joseph Krivak Scholar/Athlete.
Female Award: to be named the James F. Klash Memorial Scholar/Athlete.

The following criteria is used to determine scholar-athlete award winner:

      • Minimum 3.0 GPA
      • GPA will be multiplied by 4
      • Two points awarded for each athletic letter received during a high school career
      • The principal, guidance counselor, athletic director, and a coach will vote for the scholar-athlete (2 points per vote)
      • Person with the highest total points will receive the scholar-athletic award.