On Friday, March 21, SENT Ministries of Franciscan University will lead a retreat for all Madonna students.  This retreat is a required activity.  Students will report to Sacred Heart of Mary School (200 Preston Ave., Weirton) for the regular school day, and should be arrive off no later than 7:25.  SENT Ministries has provided retreat experiences for Madonna students in the past, and is known for spiritual development activities geared to high school students.  The retreat will include presentations, small group interactions, and numerous other activities.  A light lunch (cheese pizza) will be provided.  Students are welcome to bring alternate or additional food items and all students should bring a beverage of their choice.  It is a free dress day for all students who wear a Madonna shirt or sweatshirt.  Pants must be appropriate in style and fit for a Catholic school.

While we hope each student finds the event worthwhile and enjoyable, it is a required event.  Students who are absent will be required to participate in alternative spiritual development activities that might involve missing classes or require weekend participation.  The retreat will be a significant part of the fourth quarter grade.  Retreat participation is absolutely required for all athletes and musical cast and crew and a condition of their participating in their co-curricular activities on Friday and Saturday.