Trigonometry Class Completes “Race 2 Achieve”

IMG_6467The trigonometry classes at Madonna High School will soon take part in the “Race 2 Achieve,” a Common Core-aligned supplemental curriculum that focuses on how NASCAR team, Hendrick Motorsports, utilizes key concepts found in Algebra II, trigonometry, and statistics in real-world scenarios.  The 5-day curriculum is project-based and involves the design and eventual racing of mousetrap powered vehicles.  Like Hendrick Motorsports’ engineers, students will work in groups testing scenarios and analyzing results of modifications to their team cars.  They will begin by identifying the performance characteristics of their cars. Then they will investigate how to maximize efficiency through body and engine modifications.  Next they will research the factors contributing to efficient wheel and axle arrangements.  The last step before heading for the track is to consider the weight distribution that will allow for optimal performance. They will likely go through several prototypes before arriving at the best solution for their cars. Finally, they will compare their teams’ cars on race day and learn how design differences affected performance. “Race 2 Achieve” is sponsored by the National Guard and has been developed by certified math and science educators in conjunction with Hendrick Motorsports engineers, the team responsible for fielding Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 National Guard Chevy SS. The race date at Madonna will be Thursday December 19th.