Student Life Activities

The cast of the Spring 2013 musical, “Grease”

One of the goals at Madonna High School is to develop the entire student. Extra-curricular activities are an important part of that development and of the overall school environment. In order to meet our goal, Madonna High School offers a wide variety of athletic and extra-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to be active in these activities ad they will become a major part of their social formation. 

    • The Art Club at Madonna provides the opportunity for students to share their artistic talent through visual art service projects, at the school and around the community. Students also participate in art related field trips.
    • The vocation of the Campus Ministry team is not an empty one, it is not for the faint of heart, or those who want to be what everyone else wants them to be. The call of Christian Ministry is for everyone involved to seek a deeper relationship with this man: Jesus. This Man, whom we have all heard so much about, and yet so little. Who is this Man, that I find in the gospel? This Jesus that I celebrate, how may I come to know Him? How can I follow Him in a world which seems to fall down all around me?In the midst of this call to know Jesus, we find ourselves on the horizons of a new and breathtaking spiritual hope. A hope which inspires those around us, by a gentle breeze which cannot be denied…others begin to catch the contagious glimpse of love. When we embrace Christ, we taste the refreshing waters of Reality. We become engulfed in the real and thus step by step – become fully Alive. No longer just existing, but rather fully Living! It is called “ministry,” not only because we ourselves are being renewed in the brillance of new life – but because it does not end there. Life in the full is never a brick wall, it is never a list of rules – of do not’s and have not’s…it is the radiance we have longed for…and that light cannot be hidden. In our own transformation, others notice and encounter our Awakening. Our awakening to Christ, our awakening to life, our awakening to Love Himself. Whether spoken or not, the gospel becomes a gift of hope to others. As St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel, if necessary use words.” Our lives must become a sunrise to those in darkness, whatever their darkness may be. And it is this Man, Jesus, who gives us the deepest, most penetrating rays of light – that we may make our lives a gift, a life lived for others.We are all in need. Whether it be for acceptance, love, material things, healing, understanding…Whatever it is, Campus Ministry seeks to be the compassionate eyes to those around us, the honest friend in the midst of confusion, the consolation amidst the storms and the arrow always leading others to Christ.We accomplish these and so many more through our growth in prayer – which is none other than conversation with Jesus. Through our community in Campus Ministry, we experience an education of the heart, on how to love one another in a community of followers – just as the earliest Christians did. And most especially through our devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist, in which the God of the Cosmos, this mad Universe, comes to us in the most vulnerable form of bread and wine, to offer Himself to us. Why? Because when you love someone, you give yourself totally to them. It is through the Eucharist that we encounter, physically and spiritually the Living God…and it is in the Eucharist that we find our source, our strength and life.
    • The Drama Club is one of the many clubs and activities offered by the Weirton Madonna High School. It is open to all students grades 9-12 who are interested in Musical Theatre.
    • The Interact Club is open to all students at Madonna and is a is a group of students working to get involved with the community. The students involved work closely with the local Rotary club. Interact Club students are hoping to get more hands on work with the poor this semester.
  • JETS
    • (Jr. Engineers Technical Society) is a team of students, chosen by faculty and completion of a tryout procedure, that participates in the JETS competition held yearly at a local college. They answer questions in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. In 2005, the Madonna JETS team finished in first place in the state of WV and 10th in the nation. The 2006 team also finished 1st in WV and 11th nationally.
    • The Literary Magazine is published annually by the students of Madonna High School. The publication showcases works on prose, poetry, art and photography of students and alumni. The magazine has been published for the past 42 years and the greatest achievement it has received is its induction into the National Scholastic Press Association. To be eligible a magazine has to attain 11 All American Ratings and Madonna High School has 14. Of the 20 magazine that have earned that distintion since 1987, only two of them are from Catholic High Schools with Madonna High School being one of the two. The other school is a high school in Tuscon, Arizona.
    • Matmaids are the statiticians for the Wrestling Team. They keep each wrestler’s stats and the score of dual meets. They make encouraging signs for wrestler’s lockers and bring treats to wrestlers at meets and tournaments.
    • The Prayer Club promotes prayer at Madonna through sponsoring and/or participating in such activites as the rosary rally, May crowning, saint feast day celebrations, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, and the Festival of Praise (F.O.P.)etc. Students also do service work in this club by visiting the Geriatric Center to pray the rosary, stations of the cross and the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the residents during the Lenten season. A field trip to visit local shrines is a much anticipated annual event.
    • The Pro-Life Club pomotes the sanctity of life, from conception untill natural death, by participating in the annual life chain, the cily. of Weirton Christmas and 4th of July parades and by sponsoring pro-life speakers, theatrical productions dealing with life issues, the annual “Dance for Life”, the Spiritual Adoption program, etc. The annual field trip finishes out the year.


  • S.A.D.D
    • The S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club is a organization designed to help our students make the best possible decisions. The S.A.D.D. club has guest speakers and law enforcement speakers come into the school and further educate our students on topics such as; drunk driving, alcohol and tobacco use, illegal narcotics, critical thinking and decision making skills.
    • Over the years, the Madonna Ski Club has introduced the sport of skiing to a number of Madonna Students. While many of its members are novice skiers, there are a number advanced and expert level skiers that belong. All of Madonna’s ski club trips are chaperoned by a combination of faculty and parents. Trips are taken to Pennsylvania (Seven Springs), New York (Holiday Valley)and West Virginia (Canaan Valley). Fundraisers are often done to help reduce the cost of the students’ trips.